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"I’ve always thought I have chronic yeast infections that have highly impacted my life in a multitude of areas! (As you can imagine) Previously I’ve tried EVERYTHING and never found anything consistent.

But at the time that I was having symptoms I sent in my first test to Evvy and it turns out it’s more than likely that Bacterial Vaginosis is what is causing my symptoms—that candida wasn’t actually found! I’m now working on my treatment for BV and will look forward to seeing how my biome changes in the future."
—  Andi A.

"Fast turnaround!"

I love how fast I got my results back with detailed explanation about my findings. I also appreciate the fact that I am able to schedule an appointment with someone of Evvy's team for a consultation about my results :)
—  Elsie K.

Cheaper than insurance

The Evvy testing is much more detailed than the one the doctor gives you.  For me Evvy was actually cheaper than what my insurance paid as well.  

Talking with experts on the vaginal biome was extremely helpful in understanding the results and the recommendations that were given to improve my symptoms.
—  Kim C.
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Caring for your vaginal health starts with understanding the balance of your microbiome.

Meet our vaginal health test

"Well done!"

From lab results to a follow up Zoom Q&A on your results, Evvy empowered me by outlining ways I can improve my level of health.

I have a clear plan in place and I have an understanding of my vaginal microbiome I didn't have before. Evvy is adding to research long overdue!
— Melanie H.

Empowering & unprecedented

I feel like Evvy gave me more insights than my doctors ever did. The results experience was super empowering and I feel like I finally understand this versus feeling in the dark as I did before.
— Padma S.

Privacy, Pricing, & Detailed Information

I’m so grateful for the privacy, pricing, and detailed information that comes along with this service. To have been offered a consultation with the founder, herself to review my personal results felt unreal in comparison to the westernized medical attention I’m used to receiving.
— Lorraine C.

After recurrent UTIs, relief

After two years of constant UTIs, the only thing my doctors would offer me was antibiotics and the painstaking reminder to pee after sex.

I was taking all the preventative measures possible and had little to no insight on what was going on down there -- despite how many doctor's appointments

I went to. I finally feel like I have other options I can explore and just a better sense of my own vaginal health. Above all, I am just a fanatic fan of Evvy's commitment to elevating women's health and beyond thankful to see female-founded health startups.
— Abigail N.

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