Evvy’s innovative vaginal healthcare platform, powered by our at-home vaginal microbiome test, is the first to combine state-of-the-art testing, precision clinical care, and 1:1 coaching to give women and people with vaginas the care they deserve.

All Evvy tests come with a free 1:1 consultation with one of our certified health coaches. All of our coaches are specially trained to walk you through your results and recommendations, answer any questions, and help you prepare to discuss your results with your doctor if you want. 

Given that vaginal health  can affect mental health, sexual wellness, interpersonal relationships, reproductive health, and much more, the impact of our coaching team can’t be understated. 

Together, let's build a community of people that deeply and scientifically understand their own bodies, who can be their own advocates in the healthcare system, who define health in a personalized, holistic, and precise way.

How can I book a call with an Evvy health coach?

To access our specialized health coaches, order our at-home vaginal microbiome test! You'll see instructions for booking your free 1:1 call after you receive your results.

Not ready to purchase a test but still want to speak with a coach?

For a limited time, you can sign up for a pre-test coaching call. This exploratory consultation is $25 for a 15-minute call, but if you decide to buy an Evvy test, the full amount will be applied towards your test!

Meet our vaginal health coaches

Lindsay King — MS, HHC

  • Senior Manager, Coaching + Patient Insights at Evvy
  • Location: New York, NY 
  • Specialty: Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Hormone Health, Mental Health
  • Interests: Running around NYC, reading (always learning!), true crime podcasts, cooking, painting
  • Fun Fact: My goals for 2024 include learning Spanish and running my first full marathon!

Brittany Anderson — Certified Wellness Coach & Functional Nutritionist

  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Specialty: Functional Nutrition, Women's Health, Hormones
  • Interests: Reading, Traveling, and Concerts
  • Fun Fact: Have a sweet old dog named Remie

Jessica Knese — MS, CNS, NBC-HWC

  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA  
  • Specialty: Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, women’s health, hormones, pelvic pain 
  • Interests: Yoga, cycling classes, true crime podcasts, traveling, decorating
  • Fun Fact: We have two rabbits, Gus and Mr. T

Jill Lebofsky — HHC

  • Location: Palm City, FL 
  • Specialty: Women’s Health & Wellness, hormones, menopause
  • Interests: Holistic healing
  • Fun Fact: I have been to 45/50 states and lived in 9!

Karen DiBrango — NBC-HWC

  • Location: Wesley Chapel, Florida
  • Speciality: Functional Nutrition, leaky gut, gluten-related disorders, brain health, lifestyle medicine
  • Interests: Travel, obsessed with continuing education for health and wellness, playing board games.
  • Fun Fact: I have met Dan Buettner, founder of The Blue Zones!

Megan Fedorenchik Kalocinski — MS, DCNc, CNSc, NBC-HWC

  • Location: Raleigh, NC & Virginia Beach, VA
  • Specialty: 13 years National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach & Adjunct Instructor in NBHWC Health Coaching; 6 years Clinical Nutritionist and Integrative/Functional Medicine Focus (MS, DCNc, CNSc); Precision Nutrition Certified; MTHFR and autoimmune conditions; Performance Nutritionist and Wellness Expert Consultant and blog author (corporate wellness, optimal performance, athletic nutrition, and special operations military personnel); Microbiome Health Coach; Clinical Research; Opus 23 Genomic Sequencing and Counseling Certification; ServSafe Certified; competitive athlete.
  • Interests: Raising my two active, curious boys, always educating myself and others (especially around health, wellness, and science), spending time with family and friends, traveling (especially to any places with great beaches), being active and participating in sports (running, rowing, skiing, swimming, HIIT, lifting, and golf), cooking, food shopping, being outdoors, gardening and landscaping, going to the beach, helping others, working on/developing my career, playing practical jokes, and striving to be a better version of myself every day.  
  • Fun Fact: I have had 12 surgeries and 35 emergency room visits (mostly orthopedic) so far from being hard on my body (competitive swimmer and collegiate rower, skateboarding accident, running overuse, and skiing accidents) and always pushing limits active. I have also lived in 11 different cities with close to 20 moves under my belt (adventurer and military spouse). 

Michaela Robbins — HHC

  • Location: Pittsburg, PA 
  • Specialty: Hormones & Menopause, Menstrual Health, Impacts of other body systems on vaginal health
  • Interests:  Exploring national parks, trying unusual foods and on a perpetual quest for finding the best mascara out there
  • Fun Fact:  I named the mascot (Kazoo the Kangaroo) for Aussie’s hair care line and won a year’s supply of shampoo.

Molly Fitterer — PT, DPT, NBC-HWC

  • Location: Portland, OR  
  • Specialty: Pelvic floor physical therapy, Integrative Health and Wellness, women’s health, incontinence 
  • Interests: Hiking, running, travel, study of longevity, laughing :) 
  • Fun Fact: I have been to all the continents except Antarctica! 

Nicole Mayr — NBC-HWC

  • Location: Connecticut
  • Specialty: Women's Health, Holistic Nutrition/Wellness, Behavior Modification 
  • Interests: Cheering on my 3 Teenagers at their sporting events, Megaformer workouts, Pickleball, Learning Japanese, Traveling, Devouring books/podcasts/classes in the Women's health space
  • Fun Fact: I had the opportunity to live 6 years abroad in Asia/Europe

Rachel Meakins — HHC, Certified Fair Play Facilitator, Every Mother Counts Ambassador

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA 
  • Specialty: Perinatal Health
  • Interests: running to raise awareness for maternal health, cooking, painting, exploring new places, socializing and connecting with new people!
  • Fun Fact: I am a birth doula!

Vanessa Joseph — NBC-HWC

  • Location: Long Beach, CA 
  • Specialty: Mental health management, maternal health, chronic pain/illness, meditation and mindfulness, health equity
  • Interests: Yoga, hiking, traveling, holistic healing, metaphysics, personal development books/podcasts
  • Fun Fact: I love creating organic aromatherapy candles with unique scents!
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