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An Evvy treatment program including prescription pill vials, suppositories, and instruction cards
Developed by leading OB-GYNs

Innovative Vaginal Healthcare

After testing, order a personalized prescription treatment program developed by a provider:
  • Review of results by an Evvy-affiliated provider
  • Comprehensive treatment program of Rx medication and research-backed supplements, based on your results
  • Dedicated 1:1 support from a health coach
  • Personalized education & support
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Note that the cost of prescription medication is unique to your treatment program and not included in the price of the Evvy test.
Developed by leading OB-GYNs

How it works:

After you take an Evvy test, a provider will review your results and develop a treatment program

This may include Rx medication and research-backed supplements, depending on your results and health history.

Your treatment will be shipped straight to you.

Our partner pharmacy specially formulates each prescription with medical-grade ingredients you can’t get over-the-counter.

We’ll provide coaching and support every step of the way.

All treatment programs include calls with a certified health coach to make sure care fits seamlessly into your life.

We've helped 25,000+ people take control of their vaginal health

Absolutely awesome!! I had been battling BV for over a year. I didn’t think it would ever go away but I followed the treatment plan by Evvy and it’s gone!! So happy with everything from initial ordering, doctor consult and follow-up. Thank You!!

I am so thankful for Evvy’s treatment plan and guidance... Evvy’s approach felt much more comprehensive and I finally have relief after years of struggling.

Evvy actually saved my life. I couldn't be more happy with the detailed results, relevant and cutting-edge information, and immense support.

I've been dealing with recurrent BV infections for an entire year... The Evvy treatment felt like a complete reboot of my system and I can see a massive shift in the way my body feels."

Our care platform is designed on three principles:

Not one-size-fits-all — we provide personalized care

Our precision care platform takes into account the whole you, from comprehensive test results to your health history, to connect you with a provider that can develop exactly the right treatment program for you.

Not just another antibiotic — we take an integrative approach

Treatment programs include both prescription medication and research-backed supplements to ensure that we don’t just fight the disruptive microbes, but regrow the protective ones to prevent future infections.

Not alone — we support you every step of the way:

Treatment programs that go beyond just treatment: we get you the answers and support you need through science-backed education, community, and 1:1 coaching.

Innovative, integrative, and supportive vaginal healthcare

Alongside our advisory board of leading vulvovaginal specialists, OB-GYNs  and researchers, Evvy designed and conducted an IRB-approved study to evaluate the effectiveness of our treatment programs. 

Treatment programs leverage Rx medication, research-backed supplements, curated education, and holistic support to improve vaginal health outcomes.
of participants went from dysbiosis to a protective microbiome within 2 months.
of participants said that their symptoms improved.
felt like they had access to the right care and resources with Evvy
-> Compared to 0% in the existing standard of care

What does clinical care with Evvy look like?

Care at Evvy isn’t just treatment — it’s the first-ever platform for vaginal healthcare that combines state-of-the-art testing, prescription treatment, and 1:1 coaching.
integrative rx treatment
A provider will review your results and determine a custom set of treatments for you based on your results and health history. This may include Rx medication and research-backed supplements, like these:
Boric Acid
Medical-Grade Boric Acid
Antibiotics /
Antibiotics / Antifungals
Probiotic Suppositories
Custom Soothing
Custom Soothing Ointment
These are sample treatments — your treatment program will be uniquely designed for you by a provider.
Dedicated 1:1 support from a health coach
We’re here for you every step of the way. Our certified health coaches are specially trained to review your results, answer questions about your treatment program, and more.
A 1:1 video call with an Evvy health coach
Personalized education & Support
Caring for your vaginal health doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. We provide all the resources you need to make sure care fits seamlessly into your life.
Personalized Evvy support and education chat conversation

Still Curious?
Read our FAQs.

Who is eligible for clinical care with Evvy?

You must be 18 years or older to request an Evvy test, and your test will be ordered and reviewed by an Evvy-affiliated provider. People under the age of 18 will not be able to create an account or receive results.

Providers through Evvy's care platform can only offer treatment when they are able to clearly diagnose based on a patient's Evvy results and health history.

Today, providers through Evvy's care platform offer clinical care and integrative treatments if they can diagnose you with BV, AV, or a yeast infection (or STIs, if you ordered our Expanded PCR Panel), or if they believe your microbiome can benefit from medical grade probiotics.

Please note that providers through Evvy's care platform may determine that a patient's Evvy results and health history are not sufficient to reach a proper diagnosis, or that the patient may require additional physical examinations prior to treatment (such as those with a history of gynecological cancer or active pregnancy). Providers will then refer the patient from Evvy's digital care platform to receive in person care and a physical examination to establish the best treatment plan. No matter what, all Evvy tests come with a custom plan of clear next steps to talk to your doctor about, as well as a free 1:1 coaching call!

As a reminder, Evvy test does not replace your Pap smear or regular OBGYN visits.

Clinical care is not yet available in: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, US Virgin Islands, Washington DC, West Virginia, Armed Forces Europe / Pacific. Make sure to check back — we're working on rolling out new states!

What differentiates Evvy's treatments from what I can get from my doctor or over-the-counter?

Providers on Evvy's care platform offer an innovative, integrative approach to vaginal health — not just antibiotics.

The treatments prescribed by an Evvy-affiliated provider are compounded specifically for you using medical-grade ingredients most likely to improve your microbiome and symptoms based on the latest literature.

Treatment may include targeted antibiotics and/or antifungals to suppress the prominent disruptive microbes; research-backed supplements to support the protective microbes; and personalized soothing ointments as necessary to reduce your specific symptoms as your microbiome transitions. All ingredients are either FDA-approved for vaginal health or are available over-the-counter with literature supporting their use for vaginal health. Additionally, probiotics and supplements are made vaginally accessible to maximize their efficacy in shifting the vaginal microbiome.

Evvy’s care platform enables providers to leverage your comprehensive microbial profile and health history to select the right selection of these treatments in the right order — ensuring you end up with a treatment plan most likely to improve your vaginal health.

Is prescription treatment included in the price of the Evvy test?

No — every Evvy test includes comprehensive, provider-reviewed results, a custom plan of clear next steps, and a free 1:1 coaching call, but prescription treatments are not included in the price of the test, as they will vary from patient to patient depending on your results and health history.

What kinds of treatments does Evvy offer?

A provider will review your results and determine a custom set of treatments for you based on your results and health history. This may include Rx medication and research-backed supplements, like medical grade boric acid, targeted antibiotics and antifungals, probiotic suppositories, custom soothing ointment, and more.

How does a provider decide what treatment I get?

An Evvy-affiliated provider will review your health history, clinical intake form and your latest Evvy test results to decide the right treatment program for you. They will carefully review your allergies, past treatment experience, and the composition of your microbiome to select the specific prescriptions most likely to improve your microbiome and provide symptom relief.

Does clinical care with Evvy include a live video or phone call with a provider?

To ensure that our customers are able to get care in a convenient and affordable way, we currently only offer asynchronous consultations. You'll be able to communicate with your doctor via chat as needed! Research shows that there's no significant difference in outcomes between async and in-person/live consultations — but it's something we're looking into offering in the future for those who want it.