Whether you're trying to stay safe or want to amp up your intimacy, there's a myriad of sexual wellness products out to help you prioritize your sex life. But knowing which ones are worth the cash — and won't do more harm than good — can feel like a minefield.

So, to help you choose the ones that will get you there safely and comfortably, we asked Evvy advisor and vulvovaginal specialist Dr. Jill Krapf, MD, to round up her favorite products for a microbiome-friendly and fun sex life. 

1. SKYN Original Condoms 

The best thing you can do for your sex life (and vaginal microbiome) is practicing safe sex: i.e., using condoms. Not only do they protect you from contracting STIs, but they can reduce your risk of vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV), too. 

Some studies show that although men aren’t symptomatic from BV, they can be carriers of the bacteria and pass it on during sex. Plus, semen can increase the vaginal pH and give harmful bacteria a chance to colonize. Luckily, research shows that using condoms can decrease the risk of BV by 45%. Dr. Krapf recommends SKYN Original Condoms because they’re not made of latex (to which some people are sensitive or allergic).

2. Dental Dams

Don’t think you’re out of the woods just because you don’t have sex with men! Safe sex applies to women in same-sex relationships, too. Aside from STI risk, women and people with vaginas in same-sex relationships can also pass BV to their partners. Research shows that women who have sex with other women are significantly more likely to have BV compared to women who only have sex with men. Using a dental dam during oral or manual sex is the best way to reduce the risk of contracting an infection. Sometimes dental dams can be hard to come by, but you should be able to find them at a drug store, online, or at your local health clinic. Planned Parenthood also has a guide on how to turn a condom into a dental dam! 

3. Good Clean Love BioNude Ultra Sensitive Lube 

Everyone should be using lube every time they have sex. The wetter, the better! Lube can reduce discomfort and make penetration more pleasurable, regardless of whether you have vaginal dryness. 

Not all lubes are created equal, though. Dr. Krapf recommends the Good Clean Love BioNude Ultra Sensitive lube, which is hypo-allergenic and water-based, making it compatible with both sex toys and condoms (including latex ones). 

4. Waterwipes 

Many wipes on the market contain fragrances or harsh chemicals that can irritate your vulva, but Dr. Krapf gives the green light to Waterwipes for your next sexy sleepover.

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5. Ohnut Depth-Limiting Rings

Pain during sex (dyspareunia) is frustratingly common, but that doesn’t mean it should stop you from having pleasurable sex. Of course, penetration isn’t the be-all and end-all of a happy sex life, but if you do want to explore pain-free penetrative sex, the Ohnut can help. It’s the first wearable designed to help make sex more comfortable by allowing couples to customize penetration depth.

6. Dame Eva Couples Vibrator

Eva is (the world’s first) wearable, hands-free clitoral vibe for partnered sex. Just tuck it between your labia during penetrative sex and let it do its thing without having to hold it in place — so you can both be in the moment. Because by now, we all know that many women can’t orgasm from penetration alone!

7. When Sex Hurts: Understanding and Healing Pelvic Pain

As a gynecologist specializing in female sexual pain, Dr. Krapf’s book When Sex Hurts combines her years of research and patient stories to answer your burning (literally) questions about the causes of pelvic pain and provides the tools to have a pain-free sex life.

8. Come Together: The Science (and Art!) of Creating Lasting Sexual Connections

From the brilliant mind that brought us the best-selling Come As You Are, Dr. Emily Nagoski’s new book is all about how to have an enjoyable sex life. Come Together breaks down the obstacles that stop us from enjoying sex — from body image issues to gendered beliefs about what good sex “should” look like — and presents the best ways to overcome them.

9. VMAGIC Vulva Balm

Vaginal dryness is one of the most common obstacles to a healthy and satisfying sex life — and no, you don’t have to be menopausal to be dealing with it. Chronic skin conditions like eczema and lichen sclerosus can cause dryness of the vulva. And who can be in the mood for sex when you’re dealing with itchiness and sore skin? 

The VMAGIC Vulva Balm from Medicine Mama moisturizes, soothes itching and discomfort, and protects skin, whether it’s caused by menopause, friction from sex, chemical irritation from contact dermatitis, shaving, and more. 

10. Evvy’s Vaginal Microbiome & STD Test

Whether you’re single, dating, or in a long-term relationship, you should be getting screened for STIs at least once a year. But we get it: STI tests can feel embarrassing, and having to take time out of your day to go to a clinic and have a (fairly invasive) examination is no one’s idea of fun. But alas, they’re a necessary evil for anyone who is sexually active and something you should always keep in your sexual health arsenal.  

Evvy’s at-home Vaginal Health + STD Test is incredibly easy to use and tests 700+ bacteria and fungi, plus chlamydia, gonorrhea, Mycoplasma genitalium, and trichomoniasis — all in a single swab. You can do the test from the comfort of your own home and get preliminary results in just 1-3 days.