Interested in an Evvy Vaginal Health Test but want to learn more about the at-home swabbing process?

You’re in the right place.

Our vaginal microbiome test is easy, painless, and quick. When we surveyed our early users, 100% agreed the swab test was easy to complete, with most folks finishing the process in 5 minutes or less.

From one Evvy member: “I put off doing it because I got busy and thought it was going to take time to complete the process. But once I opened everything up, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy / quick it was!”

So how does it actually work?

Let’s start with what’s in the box. Your Vaginal Health Test will arrive with:

  • 1 swab (think a long-handled Q-tip!)
  • 1 collection tube with a Test ID sticker
  • 1 pre-paid return box
  • 1 biosafety bag (inside your return box!)
  • 1 set of instructions
The Evvy Vaginal Health Test: What's in the box

First, you activate your test at That's how we associate the test kit in your hands with your account!

Second, you take your sample. We provide detailed instructions in your kit (and you should follow those if you’re currently taking your sample!) but if you’re curious how the swabbing process works at a high level, keep reading.

The test is done in three easy steps:

1. Unwrap the swab, being careful not to touch it to your hands or any surface, and insert it into the vagina 1-2 inches.
2. Move the swab in several full circles along the vaginal walls for 20 seconds, making sure the sample is collected on all sides of the swab tip.
3. Remove the swab from the vagina and insert it into the collection tube. Snap off the top of swab at the break point, and screw the cap onto the collection tube.

That’s it! Then just follow the instructions in your test kit for sending back the swab with the included pre-paid return mailer.

Have more questions?

Check out the FAQs section at the bottom of the Evvy Vaginal Health Test page, or reach out to!

Recurrent symptoms? Meet Evvy's at-home vaginal microbiome test, approved by leading OB-GYNs.
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