What can you learn from an Evvy test?

Our Vaginal Health Test is a tool to help you answer the questions you have about what's up down there.

Some Evvy Members use the test to see if harmful bacteria rebound after antibiotics, others to see if probiotics or boric acid are working, and others to see how their microbiome differs when they do and don’t have symptoms.

Members also use our test to take control of their preventative health, exploring if any microbes in their vagina are associated with broader health outcomes like STI acquisition, preterm birth, fertility challenges, and more.

If you’re curious to see what a personalized report looks like, keep reading! Below are real results from a test taken by our co-founder Laine.

P.S. Since these are real results, this report doesn't show all bacteria we test for or all the recommendation cards you might get!

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All results come with 
a personalized note 
from our vaginal microbiome experts.  

We remind you of the symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments that were relevant at the time of your test. 

The first result 
you’ll receive is your Community State 
Type (CST), which 
is determined by looking at your entire microbial profile. 

There are at least 12 CSTs, all with different health associations (and the research is always evolving!)

Not all vaginas are the same — so why do 
we care for them like they are? 

Your report also includes an interactive visualization of your microbiome, broken down by protective, disruptive, neutral, and unknown microbes. 

(We love this part!) 

Our test reveals the prevalence of all bacteria and fungi in your microbiome. 

But we don’t leave you with just numbers. 

We provide an in-depth description of each microbe, including associations with broader health outcomes like STI acquisition or infertility.

We also highlight which antibiotics and antifungals are shown to work best against any pathogens we find so you and your doctor can identify best next steps.

These bacteria are NOT an exhaustive list of what we test for — just what was present in this particular sample.

So no matter what you’re looking to test — if they are bacteria or fungi known to science, 
we’ll pick up on it.

The final part of your  report is your plan, which includes personalized education and recommendations 
so you feel empowered to take control of your vaginal health.
Every report comes with a plan, including personalized education and recommendations. Additionally, we give everything a “Research Status” rating, highlighting how well-studied each recommendation or association is.

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