Hear firsthand how Evvy's at-home vaginal microbiome test helped Florence Bark (@florencebark) find answers & a comprehensive plan after recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) in this video review of Evvy's Vaginal Health Test and Clinical Care.

Video Review of Evvy:

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I want to talk to you about my vagina. I have been struggling with BV, that's bacterial vaginosis, for almost three years. In fact, maybe it's more, and this really affected my confidence when it came to everything, sex life, my relationships, my body image, and no one ever had any answers for me until I came across Evvy.

I reached out to Evvy myself when I saw their website because I was like, "Okay, this is the first service that I've seen that looks like it actually might help me," and I wasn't wrong. As soon as I started talking to Evvy, they knew what was going on with me.

I literally couldn't say anything bad about my experience with Evvy. I think everybody needs to go and see them.

Evvy's a company where they can test out your vaginal microbiome and tell you exactly the type of bacteria that's inside. As soon as I got on my call with Evvy, they got me in the most crazy way.

They were talking me through my whole vaginal microbiome, what they were going to treat it with, why the things that I had tried to do in the past didn't work. And yes, structured this whole plan for me. Literally changed my life.

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I haven't had any BV since, and it's been almost over a month since the medication at this point, which is a really long time for me not to have had any issues. Plus, they give you a super good self post-care process as well, so I take vaginal probiotics and oral probiotics that are medical grade so that I know they are going to keep me safe and build up my protective vaginal bacteria.

I literally couldn't say anything bad about my experience with Evvy. I think everybody needs to go and see them.

If you are struggling with any types of vaginal bacterial issues, whether that's thrush, BV, they can get you answers, and it's all as simple as taking a swab, a self test at home, send it off. They get their laboratory to test it, and then they send you out everything that you need for the recovery.

I'm literally blown away by this service. And I just don't want this to sound like a preachy advert because I'm honestly... They've changed my life.

I'm now going into a new relationship, not worried about how my vagina is going to taste. I'm not worried about how it's going to smell. I feel confident that when someone new goes down on me, they're going to have a good time because let me tell you, I have been worrying about that for the last three years.

If you have any of these same issues, I really do think Evvy can help you. I highly recommend them.I don't have BV anymore. They've heard me, any questions throughout the whole process, they're there. They do a kickoff call with you so you know what your plan is, and then when you've got all your medications, they'll do another call with you.

Oh my God. It's literally the best thing that I've ever experienced in terms of female medical healthcare. Which you know has not had enough research pumped into it, which is why they have put so much care and thought into this brand.

I'm so excited about it and I'm so excited to share it with you.

I hope that this video reaches you well, and if you need it, I think this was a sign. I think this was a sign. Let's go sort out our pussies and feel confident in our bodies and with our sex again.