At Evvy, our mission is to close the gender health gap by discovering and leveraging overlooked female biomarkers, starting with the vaginal microbiome. Today, we’re so proud to announce the launch of our clinical care platform.

Vaginal discomfort is one of the leading reasons women seek healthcare advice, and over 90% of these cases can be attributed to imbalances in the vaginal microbiome

Fig 01 -> How Evvy is building a new standard of care for vaginal health

Yet current standards for vaginal health testing and treatment don’t take into account the entire vaginal microbiome. Instead, vaginal healthcare is underpinned by overly simplistic methods like microscopy and brute-force antibiotics.  

In July 2021, we launched the first-ever at-home vaginal microbiome test to leverage metagenomic sequencing. It’s a simple, at-home swab that empowers anyone with a vagina to get an accurate, comprehensive picture of their vaginal microbiome, along with clear next steps and a free 1:1 call with a certified health coach.

Fig 02 -> The Evvy Vaginal Health Test

We’ve spent the last 18 months clinically validating our test, investing in science-backed education and support, and building a first-of-its-kind data and research platform for female health. Most importantly, we’ve spent thousands of hours truly listening to our community of hundreds of thousands of women and people with vaginas.

As we connected with our Members, one need that came up over and over again was access to empathetic clinical care and innovative treatment pathways. 

The current treatments for BV are often antibiotics focused on temporarily relieving symptoms instead of promoting a longer-term, sustainable shift to a protective vaginal microbiome. Standard antibiotics initially “cure” around 70-85% of vaginitis cases, but recurrence rates are higher than 50% within six months — indicating that brute-force, acute treatments of antibiotics alone are not the answer.

The status quo of vaginal healthcare is simply unacceptable for conditions that are so prevalent and have such a significant impact on our quality of life and health outcomes. We knew that we could leverage Evvy’s first-of-its-kind data platform and scientific advisory board to develop a new standard of care — so that’s exactly what we did.

Introducing Clinical Care with Evvy

Our new vaginal healthcare platform is the first and only place to receive comprehensive at-home testing; precise, integrative treatments; and science-backed education and support — all from the comfort of your home.

Fig 03 -> The Evvy Vaginal Health Test and one of our treatment programs

We designed Evvy’s clinical care platform with the following principles:

  • Not one-size-fits-all — we provide personalized care: Our precision care platform takes into account the whole you — from comprehensive test results to your health history — to provide you with exactly the right treatment program.

  • Not just another antibiotic — we take an integrative approach: Our treatment programs include both prescription medication and research-backed supplements to ensure that we don’t just fight the disruptive microbes — but regrow the protective ones to prevent future infections.

  • Not alone — we support you every step of the way: Our treatment programs go beyond just treatment. We truly listen in order to get you the answers and support you need through science-backed education, community, and 1:1 coaching.

In an IRB-approved study, we showed that 83% of participants who went through our treatment programs moved from dysbiosis to a protective microbiome, and 100% reported an improvement in symptoms. Excitingly, our care platform also left our patients feeling supported, empowered, and in control when dealing with their vaginal health — 100% of participants felt like they had access to the right care and resources with Evvy, compared to 0% in the standard of care. You can read more about the results from our study in our white paper. 

Fig 04 -> Results from Evvy's IRB-approved pilot study

Developed alongside the world’s leading experts, our innovative vaginal healthcare platform now brings together state-of-the-art testing, precision clinical care, and proactive tracking to give women and people with vaginas the care they deserve.

And this is just the beginning. Evvy’s testing and care outcomes are fueling research on female biomarkers that can better predict risk for, diagnose, and treat complex health conditions in the female body — and we look forward to continuing to pioneer the future of female health alongside our science advisory board, providers, team, and community.

Recurrent symptoms? Meet Evvy's at-home vaginal microbiome test, approved by leading OB-GYNs.
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