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A flat lay of the contents of the Evvy Vaginal Health Check

Evvy Vaginal Health Test

A flat lay of the contents of the Evvy Vaginal Health Check

Backed by leading OB-GYNs, our at-home vaginal microbiome test uncovers all bacteria and fungi, including those related to symptoms like:

-> Itching
-> Burning 
-> Abnormal odor 
-> Abnormal discharge 
-> pH imbalance
-> and more

  • A single test is a great snapshot of your vaginal health.  

    Want to track changes and associated risks over time? Try an Evvy Membership.
  • 4 tests per year, shipped every 3 months
  • Stay proactive: track changes over time
  • Skip or cancel anytime
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Five Stars

"After taking the Evvy test, I found out that I was not suffering from yeast infections, but in fact something else that mimics the same symptoms as a yeast infection and that anti-fungal medicine was actually hurting me, not helping me.

The free consultation call following my test results was even more insightful as I was able to review next steps with a health expert. For the first time, I finally have hope that this "infection" is almost over. Thank you Evvy!!!!"

— Audrey
Five Stars

"I have not had BV come back, I have been UTI free and have not seen a hint of a yeast infection for over a year now. If I do see any sign of these conditions creep up again, I am not paralyzed by anxiety.

I feel empowered to take care of myself and I don't feel alone in that journey. I recommend [Evvy] to all of my friends and every woman I meet who has had a similar story."

— Abigail M.
Five Stars

"After several years of suffering from chronic UTIs, I finally have an explanation that no doctor has been able to offer me in the past. Because of Evvy, I now have an “action plan” to work on with my doctor...that will hopefully keep me UTI-free!"

— Elisabeth F.
Five Stars

"I did my first Evvy test more out of curiosity than because of a specific symptom. I learned a lot of what I considered "normal" was actually problematic and could cause long term issues for me. Once I was armed with the data from Evvy, I was able to make a plan with my doctor to get my vaginal health back on track."

— Nia O.

How Evvy works:

Put names and numbers behind your vaginal symptoms

A screenshot of the Evvy digital experience
We use metagenomics to uncover all bacteria and fungi in your vaginal microbiome — including those that may be related to symptoms like itching, odor, pain with sex, and more. 

Connect with vaginal health experts, ready to listen.

A woman looks thoughtfully over her shoulder
Each test comes with a free 1:1 session with one of our certified health coaches who can walk you through your results and  help you advocate for yourself at the doctor's office.

Track microbial changes in response to treatments and triggers.

Two bar charts showing Evvy test results compared over timeTwo bar charts showing microbiome changes over time
Stop playing detective with your vaginal health! By testing over time, see how everything from sex to hormonal changes to treatment affects your unique microbiome.

How testing your vaginal microbiome can help with recurrent symptoms:

Dashboard view of an Evvy personalized report
The composition of your vaginal microbiome is associated with everything from recurrent infections to infertility to preterm birth and more.
A screenshot of the Evvy digital experience showing the details of an individual user's plan
Not all vaginal infections are the same—which means not all treatments are equally effective. For any disruptive microbes in your results, Evvy identifies the right research to help you and your doctor pick effective treatment for you.
Two hands reaching for each other
Every Evvy test comes with a free 1:1 consultation with one of our certified health coaches, who can answer your questions and prepare you to talk to your doctor if you need.
Two bar charts comparing improved Evvy results over time
Ever manage to get rid of vaginal symptoms only for them to waltz right back into your life? Evvy’s personalized reports make it easy to view your results over time so you can see how anything is affecting your microbiome.
01. Understand your risks for critical health challenges.
02. Learn about research-proven treatment options.
03. Experience precision care for your vagina.
04. Stop the cycle of symptoms.
A woman looks into the horizonA woman looks into the horizon

Curious about our test results?

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Your vaginal health can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be.

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The cycle we’re used to...

  • Antibiotics — $18 per round
  • Antifungals — $17 per round
  • Boric Acid — $15 per round
  • Probiotics — $40 per month
  • Anti-itch Cream — $8
  • Vulva Balm — $30
  • Cranberry Juice — $5
  • Doctor Visits — $35+ copay
  • Other at-home tests — $149+
  • ...
Microscopic crystals

Evvy Membership
$99 per test

  • Evvy Vaginal Microbiome Test
  • Fully decode your vaginal microbiome
  • Get personalized reports and recommendations
  • Contextualize your symptoms with specific microbes, including Lactobacilli, Candida, Gardnerella, Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma & more
  • Identify which antibiotics / antifungals research has shown to be most effective against your pathogens
  • Track how your interventions & lifestyle changes are working (or not!)
  • Get 1-1 support from our certified health coaches

Still Curious?
We have answers.

What bacteria and fungi does an Evvy test look for?
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The Evvy Vaginal Health Test reveals the prevalence of all bacteria and fungi in your microbiome! We know picking up on "everything" is not a common way of thinking about testing, but that's what differentiates our test from all others on the market.

This means we can identify bacteria like Lactobacillus crispatus, Lactobacillus iners, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Gardnerella, and more, in addition to fungi like Candida albicans and Candida glabrata. We can even get to the species level of Candida and Lactobacillus, so you have the highest fidelity answers on your health.

Click HERE for an abbreviated list of microbes that we often get asked about. We test for all of these (& thousands more!).

How long does an order take to ship?
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Orders typically ship in 1-2 business days and take 3-5 days to arrive via USPS.

How long does it take to get results?
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Our Vaginal Health Test is the only test on the market to use a high-fidelity sequencing process called metagenomics to analyze your results. Since this process is intensive, results typically take 2-3 weeks to get back once they arrive at our lab.

Is Evvy CLIA compliant?
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Yes — Evvy tests are analyzed in a U.S. laboratory that is certified by CLIA standards. A CLIA certified lab must meet strict quality standards and ensure both the accuracy and validity of your results.

Can I pay with my FSA/HSA account? 
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Evvy’s Vaginal Health Test is eligible for reimbursement by most HSA and FSA plans, but we can't guarantee coverage because every plan is a little different. Check in with your plan to make sure Evvy fits their guidelines. You can obtain an itemized receipt, as long as your kit is registered, by contacting our care team

What do you mean by “next gen sequencing”? 
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Next generation sequencing is a powerful, modern tool for analyzing DNA and RNA. Evvy is the first and only consumer test on the market to use metagenomic sequencing to analyze the vaginal microbiome, enabling us to sequence the entire genome and uncover all bacteria and fungi present.

Unlike other 16S "next-gen" sequencing tests that only look at specific variable regions, metagenomics allows us to uncover the proportional amounts of all bacteria and fungi in your microbiome. Most doctor’s offices actually use an even lower fidelity form of testing, called PCR, to return a binary “yes/no” on the presence of certain bacteria.

Can I discuss my results with my doctor?
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Definitely! We highly recommend discussing all your symptoms and Evvy test results with your providers. You will be able to download your results to share with your care provider. The download also includes a brief explanation of the test, lab validity, and results section to introduce your provider to the Evvy test.

Wait...what's my vaginal microbiome?
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Great question. Your vaginal microbiome is the complex community of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that live in your vagina. When your vaginal microbiome is dominated by healthy bacteria, it can actually help protect you from infections and other adverse health outcomes — which is why it's so important to regularly test your microbiome and check on if those good bacteria are thriving. You can learn more about your microbiome here!

What are the age restrictions on this Evvy test? 
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You must be 18 years or older to purchase an Evvy test. Folks under the age of 18 will not be able to create an account or receive results.

What is your stance on data privacy?
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We fiercely protect your privacy every step of the way — and we will never sell your data. Evvy implements several physical and technical security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, security, and availability of Evvy and customer data by employing industry standard safeguards such as de-identification, pseudonymization, encryption, and data segmentation.

Do you ship internationally?
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At this time, Evvy is only available in the U.S, but we hope to expand our reach in the future! Follow us at @evvybio or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all things Evvy, including new market launches.

Can I refund a test kit?
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We offer a full refund for test kits if an order is canceled within twenty four (24) hours of purchase.

If a refund is requested after 24 hours but within 14 days of purchase of a Vaginal Health Test, and if the sample is not returned to Evvy, we offer a refund in the amount of the test kit purchase price minus a $25 (USD) processing fee. The shipping and handling costs plus tax (if any and where applicable) are non-refundable.

No refunds are available after 14 days of purchase.

To request a refund, please send an email to the Evvy Care team at with your order number.

For our full refund policy, please view our terms of service.

How do I cancel my Evvy membership? 
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If you want to pause or cancel your Evvy membership, you can do so at any time by emailing